Fate is something that is meant to happen its like a predetermined course of events in life or a play.Shakespear uses fate in his play to show the order of events in the play all the key scenes in the play.

Evidence of Fate in the prologue:all the things said in the prologue are crisis that happen in the play of romeo and juliet.”a pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life” two people who are destined to take their lives.this is fate because shakespeare said that two people were going to take their lives and it happened in the play

the letter that friar lawrence wrote to romeo never came so romeo didn’t know that friar lawrence gave juliet the potion that made Juliet seem like she was dead.When romeo found juliet he thought she was dead then romeo drunk his potion that he had so he died then juliet woke up and realised that romeo was dead so she shot her self. this shows fate because maybe god wanted the two families to be friends instead of fighting.

friar lawrence’s letter to romeo said that he gave juliet a potion that makes her look dead so she didn’t have to marry paris but the letter that friar lawrence sent to romeo never got to romeo so everything went wrong and romeo and juliet died.this shows fate because everything that they did to for Juliet not to marry Paris.Quote from Romeo “News from Verona!–How now, Balthasar! Dost thou not bring me letters from the friar?”this shows fate because everything that they tried to do to help Juliet not marry Paris did not work which probably means it was meant to happen.

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  1. Zach,

    This work indicates significant progress, both in your understanding of the play, and in your ability to write to communicate complex ideas. It still needs an introduction and I’m happy to offer an extension until June 1 to allow you time to write this.

    Let me know if you need assistance with this.


  2. Reading: 5B – A clear evaluation of a set of relevant language and dramatic features using appropriate quotations
    Writing: 4A – Clearly structured analysis and effective linking of ideas with features and evidence. To develop this work further an introduction and linking sentences would develop a more coherent whole. Closer attention should be paid to basic features of sentences such as capital letters and full stops.


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