location:street in verona time:middle of the day on monday characters:romeo, mercutio,nurse,peter,benvolio events:romeo and mercutio have banter with each other which shows they are good friends then the nurse arrives to see if romeo has arranged for the marriage that day and he has. quote:’now god in heaven bless thee!hark you,sir”

location:friar lawrence’s cell time:monday morning characters:romeo,friar lawrence events:romeo wants friar lawrence to let him and juliet.friar lawrence said to them that him and juliet have only known each other for under 24 hours and romeo just stopped crying over rosaline quote:young men love then lies not truly in their hearts but in their eye  

location: capulet’s orchard time:sunday night characters:romeo,juliet,nurse events:romeo confesses his love for juliet.they both realise their families hate each other but they don’t care that they are from different families.she says that she loves him and she loved him before they even met. Quote:romeo thou not romeo

location:capulets orchard characters:romeo,mercutio,benvolio time:late sunday night events:romeo runs away and mercutio and benvolio are trying to get him to come back.mercutio tries to leave him out talking about rosalind but doesn’t know that he doesn’t like her.they leave romeo alone and he doesn’t come out. quote:”if love be blind,love cannot hit the mark”

when:saturday night where:capulet party characters:capulet,tybalt,romeo,serving men,juliet,nurse,benvolio events:romeo kissed juliet tow times at capulet’s party.tybalt wanted to kill romeo.

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