Act V, Scene 1: Romeo: News from Verona!–How now, Balthasar! Dost thou not bring me letters from the friar?

Fate is something that is meant to happen its like a predetermined course of events in life or a play.Shakespear uses fate in his play to show the order of events in the play all the key scenes in the play. Evidence of Fate in the prologue:all the things said in the prologue are crisis […]

location:church yard time:thursday night characters:paris,page,romeo,balthasar,friar lawrence,juliet,captain of the watch,second watch man,third watch man,prince,lady capulet,capulet,montague. events:paris preys at juliet’s and romeo fight and paris dies.friar lawrence is to late to save romeo,romeo swallows the poison.when juliet shes his dead body juliet kills herself. quote:friar lawrence ”a greater power than we can contradict hath thwarted our […]

location:friar lawrence’s cell time:thursday morning charters:friar john,friar lawrence events:friar lawrence sent a letter to romeo but romeo didn’t get it so romeo went to save her now friar lawrence knows that romeo did not get the letter. quote:holy franciscan friar,brother,ho

location:mantua time:wednesday morning charters:balthasar,romeo,apothecary events:romeo was told juliet was dead quote:i pay thy poverty and not thy will                            

location:juilets bedroom time:wednesday morning characters:nurse,lady capulet,capulet,paris,friar lawrence,musicians 1 2 ,peter events:the capulet family find out that juliet is dead and they worry. quote:”pray you up your dagger,and put out your wit”

location:friar lawrences sell time:tuesday characters:juliet,friar lawrence,paris events:juliet doesn’t want to marry paris so friar lawrence gives juliet a potion show she seems dead show she gets moved to tomb and romeo picks her up. quote:love give me strength,and strength shall help afford.

location:capulets house time:monday lte evening characters:capulet,lady capulet events:capulet and paris are discussing about a new wedding for paris and juliet and he says he will marry her on thursday. quote:we were born to die

location:friar lawrence’s cell time:monday evening characters:friar lawrence,romeo,nurse events:romeo would rather be dead then banished.the plan is friar lawrence is going to convince prince to undo the banishment.romeo hides in friar lawrence’s cell instead of leaving verona and gets shocked when nurse visits him, quote:there is no world without verona walls,but purgatory.torture,hell itself.